New STM Dux Keyboard With Trackpad For iPad 7th And 8th Gen Launching

Tablet accessory brand STM often makes tablet accessories that are a little different from the rest, and that's sort of the thing with their new STM Dux Keyboard case for the iPad 10.2:

The new STM Dux Keyboard case will launch for just under $120 and will fit the last two 10.2-inch iPad 7th gen and iPad 8th gen.

STM have already launched a keyboard case with a similar name, but this is a new model that should be a lot better than the earlier model.

This is a Bluetooth connected iPad keyboard, which features a USB C port for charging the keyboard with. The battery life is estimated to 84 hours, and it features keyboard shortcuts, Siri shortcuts, a camera shortcut and a flap on the keyboard that will open the camera when closed in the cover, it features a pen holder for the Apple Pencil, it has a 180 degree adjustable stand, and more importantly, it features a trackpad.

New STM Dux Keyboard With Trackpad For iPad
– Tom Bowen