New Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2 Photo Leaks – New 14-Inch Version?

A new and strange leaks came from WalkingCat today concerning the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2. And since he's always been a reliable leaker, the new info is puzzling.

It says that the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2, seen here with a new black keyboard, will be released in the US on February 2021. It will feature a 13.3-inch QLED display, louder speakers, a 12+ hour battery life, and a 10th gen. Intel Core i3 processor.

If this is the only processor choice or just one of the options, has not been mentioned yet. The present Chromebook runs an Intel Core i5 processor though, so that's what makes the leak so puzzling.

At 2.75lbs it would also be heavier than then present model.

Based on previous research by Jim, there are at least two new Samsung Chromebooks on the way in 2021. And when I did some research myself today, I noticed that the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 was certified yesterday, in the Fiesta Red color option that's available alongside the grey present model.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 14 Inch
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

I also noticed that one of the model numbers indicates that at least one of the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 notebooks may have grown to 14 inches.

This is visible in the photo here too, which is from yesterday, where we can see that this Chromebook 2 is measured to be wider than the present 13.3-inch model.

– Tom Bowen