Two New Samsung Chromebooks Launching In Early 2021

Based on the latest official certification and registration documents for Samsung, it can be confirmed that we should expect not just one, but two new Samsung Chromebooks in early 2021.

One of them is an upgraded version of the current flagship Chromebook, simply known as the Samsung Chromebook. It was made famous because of its red color option, 4K display, integrated digitizer, slim design, as well as powerful processor choices.

2021 Samsung Chromebook

But that 13.3-inch Chromebook also has two smaller siblings, known as the 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Plus with lower specs and about half the price, and the even smaller Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4. Successors to some of these Chromebooks were Bluetooth certified this week, together with the new larger Chromebook, which led me to find that the new model is colored red too in other official certifications in Korea, with the model numbers XQ/XE530, and XQ/XE531.

The new 2021 Samsung Chromebook seen in the photo which is the size of a 13 to 14-inch laptop has the codename Terra Q, and is upgraded to Wi-Fi 6, with at least 45W battery charging support, and the same Mercury Grey color option that's currently an option to the red Chromebook.

– Jim Miller