Rumor Claims Apple iPad Air 6, iPad mini 7, And iPad 11 Launches This Week

The latest iPad rumors from the weekend has concluded that Apple will launch as much as three new iPads this week.

Will this materialize? Well, even if Apple has been able to avoid any official registrars so far, and even though none of the analysts covering Apple lean towards an iPad launch this week, the leakers suggests otherwise.

There are essentially two leakers who says that Apple will make announcements of the Apple iPad mini 7, iPad Air 6, and iPad 11 this week.

iPad launches 2023

Supercharged says they’ve spoken to people that are familiar with Apple’s press releases, who revealed that Apple will make iPad announcements this week with a select group of media personnel.

And what should be expected are an iPad Air 6 with an upgraded Apple M2 processor, an iPad mini 7 with an upgraded Apple A16 Bionic processor, and finally a new main iPad 11.

The other leaker is the anonymous Weibo leaker who generally leaks some information in advance, who says that the iPad mini 7 will launch in new colors in October, with slightly upgraded front and rear cameras, an Apple A16 Bionic chipset, and an improved screen that improves the ‘jelly effect’ of the iPad mini 6.

All three iPad launches could take place as early as Tuesday, October 17 according to the rumors.

– Tom Bowen