New HP Tablet Pass Through FCC

A possible updated HP Pavilion 2-in-1 tablet was found when FCC published the records today.

It's not clear if it's a HP Pavilion, only the number codes indicate that. And even then, there are several HP Pavilion's on the market, ranging from 10.1-inch to 11.6-inch to 13.3-inch.

The 10.1-inch HP Pavilion X2 is the newest of the three, and also the cheapest, at under $240 on sale since launch.

It's a very low price for a popular Windows 8.1 tablet / 2-in-1 considering that it has a keyboard too. But it has had a few reliability issues, so this could be why HP is working on a new model.

The illustration from FCC's papers
The illustration from FCC's papers

– Jim Miller