New Fire HD 10 Powered By MediaTek MT8183 Processor

Amazon did announce their new Fire HD 10 tablet this week for the 2019 – 2020 model year or beyond, but they didn't specify then what particular processor or GPU it has, only that the tablet is 30% faster than the preceding tablet it replaces:

But now that developers have got their hands on the new Fire HD 10, I can confirm that the processor in the new Fire HD 10 is the 2.0 GHz octa-core MediaTek MT8183 processor with a Mali-G72 graphics processing unit (GPU).

That essentially makes Amazon the first company to launch a major computer product with this processor, as they've also beat some future Chromebooks that have been tipped to try out the 64-bit MediaTek MT8183 CPU.

Amazon Fire HD 10 2019-2020 benchmark scores processor
The new Amazon Fire HD 10

And while we may have to wait until the October 30 release date of the new Fire HD 10 for verified benchmark scores, we can already estimate the benchmark scores and improvements all the same simply by looking at the processor.

The previous Fire HD 10 was powered by the quad-core MediaTek MT8173 processor and achieved average Geekbench 4 benchmark scores of 1190 in single-core scores, and 2170 in multi-core scores.

With the new octa-core processor that features twice the number of cores, single-core scores should have increased to above 1420, with multi-core scores to around 5550 on the new Fire HD 10 based on comparative scores from the first few products that have been benchmarked with the MT8183 processor to date.

And running the new Android 9.0 based Fire OS 7.3.1 operating system, the user experience should be pretty smooth from this chipset for the tasks that the Fire HD 10 typically will be used for.

All of this adds up and definitely makes the upcoming Fire HD 10 the quickest and most powerful tablet in Amazon's Fire tablet family this year.

– Jim Miller