New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2’s Confirmed With Same Dimensions As Before

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets aka Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablets that have leaked for several months now, are confirmed to retain the same 9.7-inch and 8.0-inch displays as before, and not a 9.6-inch display over a 9.7-inch display like the benchmark tests could lead us to believe, where it was listed as having a 9.6-inch display.

The two tablets continue to leak in various iterations and with additional model numbers such as Samsung SM-T813 and Samsung SM-T819, SM-T819C, SM-T819Y for the 9.7-inch tablet, and Samsung SM-T713 and SM-T719, SM-T719C, and SM-T719Y with each letter indicating a different firmware for each iteration of the tablet (UPDATE: Now even includes Samsung SM-T818).

I can confirm that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 aka Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Plus aka Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, does not have a new display size by looking at the FCC papers for the 9.7-inch Samsung SM-T819, where the tablet is listed with a display size that is exactly 9.6968 inches, which makes it sound like I’m contradicting myself at first, but the 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has the exact same display dimensions.

Not only that, but the exterior dimensions are the same as before as well, with 237.1 mm in length, and 168.8 mm in width.

So maybe the coming new versions are just some additional 4G LTE models, since they run typical Qualcomm mobile processors and have been benchmarked with a SIM card tray.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Android 6.0 update is tipped for May 2016, so either way there will be some news about Samsung’s Super AMOLED tablets with Android soon.

Samsung SM-T819

Samsung SM-T819

Samsung SM-T719

Samsung SM-T719

Samsung Galaxy Tab S LTE SM-T819

– Tom Bowen

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