More Nokia Tablets Coming In 2022 Says VP

Nokia reentered the tablet sector this year when they launched the 10.4-inch Android tablet Nokia T20 on October 6, for $249.

And while I haven’t seen any leaks for other new Nokia tablets yet, according to an interview with Sanmeet Singh Kochhar, the VP for Nokia’s parent company HMD Global, that was published yesterday, Nokia has enjoyed success with the Nokia T20 in India, and will bring new tablets to India too.

The prospects of more Nokia tablets coming in 2022 was briefly mentioned while also pointing out that Nokia is focused on sustainable business operations with longevity, and that Nokia is also focusing on expanding more in some of the other segments it has also entered successfully, such as mobile audio devices.

That makes sense, as Nokia has made some successful earbuds recently with the $39 wireless Nokia Go Earbuds that are in a price class that’s more comfortable to the majority of people.

– Tom Bowen

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