Microsoft Surface Event Announced For September 22

Microsoft has announced that they’ll hold a Surface event on September 22, without specifying any further. Although the giant did publish a teaser poster of a Surface tablet.

After brightening the teaser image for a closer inspection, all I can say is that the tablet in the teaser image is a Surface Pro X of some kind, since the Surface Go and Surface Pro tablets all have connectivity ports on the right side.

So can we expect a new 3rd generation Surface Pro X then? Well at least Microsoft leads us to believe just that.

New Surface Tablets 2021

Teaser image ahead of Microsoft’s 2021 Surface show

So far, the only two devices that there’s leaked any info on has been the Surface Go 3 with upgraded processors, and the dual-screen Surface Duo 2, which has been benchmarked already.

Nothing’s been leaked concerning a potential Surface Pro 8 yet, although it is overdue for an upgrade at the moment, since the last time the Surface Pro was upgraded, it was upgraded from a Surface Pro 7 to the Surface Pro 7+ with upgraded processors, that was only sold to businesses and not consumers.

The actual new Surface tablets and smartphone should be expected to launch from October on.

– Tom Bowen

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