Logitech Launches Several New Keyboards And New Crayon Pen For The New iPads

With the unveiling of both the new iPad and the new iPad Pro tablets last week, Logitech has announced new products for these iPads as well as clarifying compatibility with other accessories.

Two new keyboards introduced for the iPad 10.9 are the Rugged Combo 4 and the Rugged Combo 4 Touch.

These are both somewhat rugged keyboards which have ruggedness to withstand hard daily wear, especially in the classroom. The difference between the two is that the Touch version has a trackpad. But other than that they function as covers, kickstand cases, and pen holders.

The launch of Logitech's latest iPad accessories will take place at different intervals from October through November.

Two other keyboard models resized for the new iPad 10.9 are the Slim Folio, which is Logitech's most portable keyboard, and Combo Touch, their backlit keyboard with touchpad.

But just as importantly, or more so to many, Logitech has also introduced a new Logitech Crayon digitizer pen which will be compatible with all iPads featuring a USB C port.

There are to color versions of the new Logitech Crayon. There's a blue and orange one for the education sector, and another silver one for the regular consumer market. It will launch for $69.

The first Logitech Crayon has been quite popular, but this new model looks like it could become even more popular.

– Tom Bowen