This Is The New iPad – 10th Generation Model Grows To 10.9 Inches

Apple announced the new iPad today, which is the 10th generation ‘main iPad' that has now grown to 10.9 inches. It will launch on October 26th from $449:

The new iPad 10.9 (2023 model) is to some extent a reworked 4th gen. iPad Air, and share the A14 processor, screen, and most of the chassis, but it is also more than just that with some improved specs.

So the screen size has grown from 10.2 inches to 10.9 inches (exact size is 10.86 inches), now featuring a LED backlit 2360 x 1640 resolution True Tone display at 264 ppi, 60Hz refresh rate, and a brightness of 500 nits, which makes the screen useful even outdoors. Official digitizer support is for the 1st gen Apple Pencil, but you can also use some third party pens from Logitech and others.

Apple iPad 10 - 2023 model 10.9

The processor of the new Apple iPad is the 64-bit hexa-core 3.1 GHz Apple A14 Bionic chipset together with 4GB of RAM. This gives it a Geekbench 5 benchmark score of over 1580 in single-core, over 4200 in multi-core, and a metal score of 12425.

Storage options on the new 2023 iPad model are 64GB at $449, and 256GB at $599, and then add another $150 if you want to transition from the Wi-Fi models to the cellular 5G models.

All models feature dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, as well as a USB C port. The latter is also the charging port, and the tablet comes with a 20W charger.

It features dual mics, stereo speakers, a 12MP front camera with 1080p video at 60fps, and a 12MP f/1.8 rear camera with 4K video recording at 60fps, 240 fps FHD video, and panorama pictures up to 63MP.

And when used for video calls, it also has FaceTime and the Center Stage feature that tracks users and keeps them in the center of the video.

It still features Touch ID, which is most appreciated by so many iPad users, so they can unlock the iPad through a fingerprint reader instead of relying on facial unlocking.

Tablet sensors includes a gyro, accelerometer, barometer, digital compass, and ambient light sensor. The 5G model also has GPS/GNSS navigation sensors.

Battery life on the new iPad conforms to Apple's standard of a 10 hour battery life, which comes from a 28.6 Whr battery.

The launch of the new Apple iPad coincides with the official launch of the new iPadOS 16.1 which brings with it some new features and fixes.

Like any iPad, it is among the very lightest in its size category, with the new iPad weighing 477 grams. With a thickness of just 7mm, this is also a slim tablet, but not so slim that would bend or break too easily, which some of the thinnest tablets can be a little prone to.

Apple has also added a very fresh new color scheme, where none of them feature the old black/dark grey. Instead they now come in silver, blue, pink, and yellow, though they all have black bezels on the front.

The official accessories for the iPad 10.9 are some new color matching Smart Folio covers/stands in the colors white, sky, watermelon, and lemonade, and the new Magic Keyboard Folio.

Apple's own Magic Keyboard Folio is both a protective carry cover, a keyboard, and a cover with a rear kickstand. They keyboard ias a trackpad too. Of course, you can always connect Xbox and PlayStation controllers to the iPad too, or one of the many USB or Bluetooth pairing peripherals for making the most out of the iPad.

A worthy new iPad? It is for sure, as the former iPad 10.2 was starting to show its age a little, and the new iPad 10.9 is now a very productive tablet that can be utilized for even more.

But it has grown in size, and with improved specs came a higher price again. So the question is only if people will accept the price bump that's not too far away from the newest iPad Air when on sale. In a scenario like that, I would personally opt for the iPad Air. But others may not need that extra power, and will be happy with the new iPad as it is.

Apple iPad 10.9

– Tom Bowen