LG Finalizing Mini LED Displays For 2021 iPad(s) – Lenovo Could Be Next

It's been reiterated by reputable sources a few times that we should expect Apple to start transition over to Mini LED displays in 2021, starting with the 2021 Apple iPad Pro 12.9.

During the fall it was taken for granted that LG Display would become the supplier of the Mini LED displays, though they themselves are dependent on other manufacturers in the supply chain.

Now a new report from the South Korean IT magazine ETNews confirms that LG Display is the Apple's supplier of Mini LED displays, and adds a few interesting tidbits of information on top of that.

The sales pitch from the Mini LED industry nowadays is that Mini LED displays offers improved brightness, as well as drastically improved contrast ratio and deeper or better production of black through local dimming of LEDs.

And in a conference call two weeks ago, it is now reported that LG Display spoke about transitioning more towards Mini LED display manufacturing as they believe this will strengthen their competitiveness as a display supplier, as other computer manufacturers are likely to start using Mini LED displays too once Apple have broken that ground on tablets, as the report mentions that LG Electronics and Lenovo are both in talks with LG Display concerning the implementation of Mini LED displays.

– Tom Bowen