Lenovo Re-Announce Two Smart Tab Android Tablets Now With Alexa Smart Dock Included

Lenovo have just re-announced the two 10.1-inch Android 8.0 tablets Lenovo Tab P10 and Lenovo Tab M10 that Lenovo first announced in August.

But as we reported in September, Lenovo would add Smart Tab to the names of these tablets, together with the Amazon Alexa Lenovo Smart Dock that we reported on in a leak a few days ago.

Both the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 and the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 are now taking orders from $199, and Lenovo claims it will release these tablets now in January.

The Lenovo Smart Dock (HA200) works as a charger, a tablets stand, with more powerful Dolby speakers and 3 more long range mics, and above all it makes the Amazon Alexa digital assistant more easily available.

Lenovo Smart Dock For Alexa Smart Tab

– Tom Bowen