Amazon + Lenovo = 2 New Smart Tab Tablets With Amazon Alexa This Winter

Amazon and Lenovo are working together on two new tablets that will be launched during the winter for 2018/2019. A part of their new collaborative Smart Tab series of tablets, they are said to feature a greater Alexa experience than before and with and even greater Show Mode features.

All of this makes the new Smart Tab tablets serve both as smart home hubs and as Alexa gateways, as they will feature voice enabled speakers and high definition screens says Lenovo.

As for the actual tablets, these are called Lenovo Smart Tab P10 and Lenovo Smart Tab M1 and will run Android OS. So these are not new Fire OS tablets that Lenovo is making for Amazon. Instead it’s a way for Amazon to integrate Alexa deeper through Android tablets.

Lenovo will announce more details about these new tablets later during the coming winter.

From before, Lenovo have already collaborated with Amazon on the Lenovo Home Assistant Pack, which acts as a smart hub dock for four of Lenovo’s tablets, and Lenovo have also worked with Google for the alternative Google Assistant powered Lenovo Smart Display.

Lenovo Smart Tab Amazon Alexa
– Tom Bowen