Lenovo Smart Dock (HA200) For Tablets Leak

The first pictures of Lenovo’s upcoming new Lenovo Smart Dock (HA200) for tablets have just leaked courtesy of smart device magazine The Ambient, which gives us a view of what Lenovo’s new smart dock for Android tablets looks like.

From before we only had the official illustrations to go by, which showed the docking and charger port, with the volume buttons, the mic button, and the Bluetooth 4.2 button for it on the side of it. But the Lenovo Smart Dock pictures shows that speaker design very well too.

The design is modern and minimalistic, which with its small size and low height design, makes tablets very easily accessible to pull out of the dock. And for added stability, the Lenovo Smart Dock has optional fold out legs underneath to support it from tilting over when a tablet is docked into it.

Lenovo Smart Dock For Tablets (HA200)

Lenovo Smart Dock for tablets (HA200)

Lenovo and Amazon will also release two new Lenovo tablets with Amazon Alexa this winter.

From before, there is already the Lenovo Home Assistant Pack (and speaker) with Alexa, that fits Lenovo’s Tab 4 series of tablets.

Lenovo Smart Dock (HA200)

Lenovo Smart Dock (HA200)

– Tom Bowen

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