Lenovo #BETTERWAY To Launch 2 Tablets

Lenovo will unveil some new tablets on Tuesday October 29 with a Keynote presentation you can see live here underneath.

(Updated: See item in store. Released October 30. See new Yoga Tablets article.)

What’s the fuzz about? Well, Lenovo have in not so very subtle ways been leaving hints that are more than obvious, such as the tweet below (can take a second or two to load).

And to think that two years ago some table manufacturers actually sold tablets with built-in kickstand.

So if you have been on Twitter lately and wondered what all the #BETTERWAY is about, then it appears more than likely that it will be the launch or rebirth of tablets with not just a kickstand, but a full blow kickstand-swivel-hold in the shape of Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 & Yoga Tablet 8 that we wrote about earlier this month.

Lenovo is on a roll these days, and will soon release the popular upcoming 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet Lenovo Miix2 as well.

The presentation begins on October 29th 2013 at 7pm Pacific Time.

Wallpaper? #betterway Lenovo IdeaPad B6000 & Lenovo IdeaPad B8000 presentation

Wallpaper? #betterway Lenovo IdeaPad B6000 & Lenovo IdeaPad B8000 presentation

– Tom Bowen

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