Jolla Tablet Refunds For Backers Now Optional Sailfish OS Voucher As Sony Xperia X With Sailfish Launch

Crowdfunded tablets never become the radical popular tablets that they are touted as during the campaigns, and the former Jolla Tablet project is just one example of that.

But at least for Jolla, the tablet was just another product born out of their Sailfish OS, and the Sailfish OS is still alive. And not only that, but it is getting some help from one of the larger players in the mobile industry, as the Sailfish X project now launches this week and next now in October, when the Sailfish X project materialize, as the Sony Xperia X smartphone is given the option of ditiching the Android OS for the Sailfish OS for €49.90.

Since Jolla is in an ongoing process of paying back their backers of undelivered Jolla tablets, they are now also giving those backers the option of using their repayments as vouchers for the Sailfish OS for the Sony Xperia X as well, as long as they are one of the backers who have been drawn at random for repayments.

– Jim Miller