New iPads Put on Hold as WWDC 2024 Unveils Latest Apple Innovations

The dates for Apple's WWDC 2024 have been revealed. This tells us when the company will show its new operating system updates and maybe other news.

This week, there's been disappointing news about the iPad. Updates for the iPad Pro and iPad Air are delayed from what we heard before. We got some new information about what might come in iOS 18 and related updates. Apple also released macOS 14.4.1 to fix some bugs. Read on for more  on these stories!

Apple reveals WWDC 2024 event dates: June 10 to 14

This week, Apple revealed that its yearly developers conference, WWDC, will take place from Monday, June 10, to Friday, June 14. Like in 2020, the event will be online. However, some chosen developers and students can join a special one-day in-person event at Apple Park.

At the start of WWDC, Apple is likely to reveal its newest software updates, like iOS 18, rumored to have fresh generative AI features. While the focus is on software, there might be hardware news too.

Apple plans to release new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in May

This week, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg stated that Apple intends to unveil new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in May. He mentioned that production of these devices is increasing at Apple's factories abroad.

According to Gurman, the delay in launching the new iPads is because of software and advanced OLED display manufacturing methods.

iOS 18 allows apps to be positioned anywhere on the Home Screen grid

Sources familiar with the update's development reveal that iPhone users will soon have the ability to arrange app icons anywhere on the Home Screen grid. This feature has been available on Android for a while.

Our sources suggest that with this change, users can now create empty spaces and arrange app icons in columns and rows on the Home Screen. More customization options may also be available.

Apple Launches macOS Sonoma 14.4.1, Addressing Critical Bug Fixes

The macOS 14.4 update caused various problems on Macs, including issues with USB hubs, Java, and audio unit plug-ins. Fortunately, Apple has addressed these issues in the macOS 14.4.1 update, which came out this week.

As of now, Apple has not yet released the initial beta version of iOS 17.5 for the iPhone. This update is anticipated to bring Web Distribution for apps in the EU, along with possible other alterations.

Hidden Change in M3 Max Chip May Impact Future ‘M3 Ultra' Chip

Recent findings show that the M3 Max chip no longer includes an “UltraFusion interconnect.” This indicates that the upcoming M3 Ultra chip won't be able to combine two M3 Max chips in one package. It's probable that the M3 Ultra will be its own standalone chip, marking a first for the Ultra line.

The WWDC 2024 event dates are out, hinting at exciting new Apple updates. Delayed iPad Pro and iPad Air releases disappoint users, but iOS 18 promises fresh features. macOS 14.4.1 fixes critical bugs, easing Mac users' frustrations. Rumors suggest a May release for new iPad models. iOS 17.5 beta is pending, likely bringing EU Web Distribution. Changes in the M3 Max chip hint at a standalone M3 Ultra chip. Exciting times ahead for Apple fans!