iPad Air 5 Benchmarks Says It’s Just As Fast As The iPad Pros – And Then Some

If we are going to judge the new iPad Air 5 by its performance, it now looks perfectly safe to buy it after a series of benchmarks have been ticking in.

Not only does the hot Apple M1 chip appear to be just as powerful as the Apple M1 chip in the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 with no trace of downthrottling or anything similar to that, but it even appears to perform a tiny bit better, at least in the benchmarks.

The difference is so marginal it may not matter or even be noticeable. The benchmark score averages are identical, but the three differences to take into consideration is that the new iPad Air 5 is running the iPadOS 15.4 in the benchmarks, whereas the iPad Pro has only been tested with iPadOS 15.3.1 so far.

And then on the hardware side, the iPad Air 5 is running at a very marginally higher 3.197 Ghz clock rate, whereas the iPad pro is running at 3.19 Ghz.

And finally, while both the new 2022 model iPad Air as well as the current iPad Pro tablets are all powered by 8GB of RAM, the new iPad Air may run a newer RAM, at least the benchmarks indicate that. And since it's newer, these memory modules may perform better too.

But the conclusion so far is that the new iPad Air performs at least just as well as the iPad Pros, with Geekbench 5 benchmarks consistently landing between 1700-1720 in single core, and 7250-7265 in multi-core scores.

iPad Air 5 Benchmarks Scores 2022 Model Performance
– Tom Bowen