Huawei MatePad Air Unveiling May 18 – Plus There’s A Huawei MatePad Mini Rumor Starting

With almost four tablet computers sold around the world each second, it’s no wonder why some tablet brands are increasing their efforts to get an even bigger piece of the market.

So today Huawei teased the unveiling of at least one of their new tablets coming this month, which we are left to guess, but it seems to be the Huawei MatePad Air, judging by the airy text that spells A I R in the teaser image that Huawei published today.

We can see the Huawei MatePad Air tablet seen from the side above the text too, which gives us a new glimpse of it.

New Huawei Tablets Up For Unveiling In The Middle Of May

Huawei MatePad Air Unveiling
Huawei MatePad Air teaser

Huawei says this tablet will be unveiled on May 18, which will be in a new tablet series.

But a related Huawei rumor today came from leaker DCS who says that Huawei might make a Huawei MatePad Mini too.

The only two model numbers of unreleased Huawei tablets I know about myself are the DBY2-L09, and DBY2-W09, both of which are HarmonyOS tablets with Wi-Fi 6, but I haven’t seen any MatePad Mini yet.

Huawei already has smaller 8-inch tablets on the market, such as the Huawei MediaPad T8. But they haven’t got anything as powerful as the pocket rocket iPad mini which can even be turned into a small laptop with keyboard and digitizer pen for additional usefulness. So that’s a lot of tablet to chase after for any tablet brand.

Meanwhile, the latest 8-inch tablet to launch these days is the interesting little tablet Alldocube iPlay 50 Mini with Android 13.

– Tom Bowen