HP Split x2 Updated For 2014

HP announced an update to its HP Split x2 range today, saying that the upgraded ultrabooks will be released on June 29 in the US, beginning at $599.99.

The new 13.3-inch Windows 8.1 HP Split x2 tablets/detachables/ultrabooks/2-in-1’s will mostly stay as they are with the present lineup of HP Split x2 that was launched this time last year, but they will see the addition of one model in addition to the Intel Core i3 and i5 options, and that’s the inclusion of a Bay Trail powered option too.

Other than that, it will have the 4GB – 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 128GB – 500GB storage, and various other hardware configuration options. Audio technology is as always delivered by Beats Audio.

(UPDATE: See the new HP Elite x2 (1013 G3))

These detachable ultrabooks look great, but HP have very low customer satisfaction with these tablets due to too many faults with them.

HP Split x2 - 2014 Edition
HP Split x2 – 2014 Edition

– Tom Bowen

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