HP Slate 10 / Omni10 Tablet Coming Soon

A new tablet from HP, likely to be added to the Android “Slate” series, have just been cleared by the FCC.

Called HP Slate 10 or given the marketing name “HP Omni10” in FCC's SAR test report, this appears to be a 10.1-inch Android tablet that could be released somewhere in Q4. Several new tablets will come out in September and October from leading tablet manufacturers, so it's too early to say what timing HP is aiming for.

(UPDATED: This and other HP tablets was officially unveiled in September.)

The HP Slate 10 was tested at the FCC during the first two weeks of August, and while they were not able to publish photos, a sketch of the tablet gives quite a clear idea of what it should look like. Definitely HP through and through.

HP Slate 10 - Omni10
HP Slate 10 – Omni10
HP Omni 10 - Slate 10 tablet
The back label indicates the name HP Slate 10 instead of Omni 10

This isn't the only new tablet we expect from HP in the near future. An 8-inch HP Slate 8 is expected to make its presence known soon to.

– Tom Bowen