HP ProPad 600 G1 Renamed HP Pro Tablet 610 G1

A lot of people were waiting for the release of the reasonably priced enterprise tablet HP ProPad 600 G1 in April, but ended up waiting and waiting.

Well, HP have renamed the tablet without telling anyone, and it's now called HP Pro Tablet 610 G1 instead. And while it hasn't been released to retailers yet, it is available from HP itself, beginning at $529.

(UPDATED: The 64GB version with Intel Atom Z3795 is now available on Amazon too.)

It seems that it's just the name that have been given a makeover, since all the other specs remain the same as when the HP ProPad 600 G1 Windows tablet was announced in February, including the choice between Intel Atom Z3795 processors and Intel Atom Z3775 processors.

For a complete list of the specs, download the new PDF file for the HP Pro Tablet 610 G1 from HP.

The other new Windows 8 enterprise tablet from HP, the HP ElitePad 1000 G2 was released in March.

HP Pro Pad 600 renamed Pro Tablet 610
HP Pro Pad 600 renamed Pro Tablet 610

– Tom Bowen