How to Easily Return a Book on Audible App

Audiable is a reading application that dominates the current e-book market. With its convenient and easy features, it has become an indispensable application for book lovers.

One of the most popular features is that Audible has a return policy that allows you to return any book you don't like or purchased in error. The only problem is that the official method for returning books on Audible requires a computer.

Join us to find a way to return books on Audible.

What are return eligibility requirements?

  1. You must have a valid Audible Premium Plus membership.
  2. Returns are allowed within 365 days of purchase.
  3. The title was bought with Audible credit.

Note: At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to restrict the quantity of returns or to terminate return rights. Audible has the right, at any time, to terminate or amend the terms of our returns policy with regard to any or all participants.

Returns are not permitted for customers who discontinue their membership or fail to keep it active. You retain all of your legal rights as a consumer with or without this return option.

Return Audible Books on the Desktop Site

Return Audible Books on the Desktop Site
Return Audible Books on the Desktop Site
  1. Go to your Account Details page on the Audible desktop site.
  2. Click Purchase History.
  3. Click Return next to the book you want to return.
  4. Select your reason for return, then click Return.

Your audiobook will be returned successfully with confirmation.

Return Audible Books on the Mobile Site

  1. Go to on your device and sign into your account.
  2. Tap Menu and then My Account.
  3. Tap Purchase History.
  4. Tap on the book you want to return.
  5. Tap Return.
  6. Choose the reason why you want to return the book and tap Return.
Return Audible Books on the Mobile Site
Return Audible Books on the Mobile Site

The return of your audiobook will be confirmed on screen.

Returning a book on Audible is a simple process that can be done directly from your smartphone. So, if you find yourself unsatisfied with a book you've purchased, don't hesitate to return it and explore other titles that may better suit your interests.

Also, if you're interested in canceling your Audible subscription, check out our article on how to do it directly from the app and desktop.