How to Easily Remove Passwords from PDF Files

PDF files are often password-protected to ensure data security and user privacy. However, there are instances when we forget the password to access our own PDF files. In such cases, it becomes necessary to remove the password from the PDF. By doing so, you can regain access to the contents of the file and even set a new password to protect it. Here, we will explore different methods to remove passwords from PDF files.

Using Chrome Browser

One of the simplest ways to remove a PDF password is by using the Chrome browser. This method works on all desktop platforms.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and drag the PDF file into the browser window. Chrome will prompt you to enter the password. Once entered, click “Submit” to open the PDF.

  2. Now, you can view the PDF in Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer. To download the file without a password, click on the download icon at the top right corner.

  3. Give a name to the PDF or leave it as it is, then click “Save” to save the file without a password.

This method also works on other browsers like Microsoft Edge.

Small PDF Web App

Small PDF offers a web app that can help remove passwords from PDF files. However, it can only handle easy passwords and may have a high failure rate. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try considering it’s free.

  1. Visit the Small PDF website and click on the “EXPLORE ALL PDF TOOLS” button.

  2. Scroll down and select the “Unlock PDF” option.

  3. Click on the “CHOOSE FILE” button to upload the PDF file or simply drag and drop it into the highlighted area.

  4. Small PDF will then attempt to remove the password from the PDF. If successful, you can download the file without a password. If it fails, you will be prompted to enter the password.

  5. Additionally, you can save the PDF file to cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Remove Password from PDF Files on Google Drive

Small PDF also offers a Google Drive add-on that allows you to remove passwords from PDFs stored in Google Drive without downloading them.

  1. Install the Small PDF add-on from the Google Workspace marketplace and grant necessary permissions.

  2. Open Google Drive, right-click on the PDF file, select “Open with,” and choose “Small PDF.”

  3. Small PDF will open in a new tab. If it’s your first time using Small PDF with Google Drive, it will request multiple permissions to view, edit, and create Google Drive files.

  4. It will then ask for the PDF password. Unlike the web app, the add-on cannot bypass the password. Enter the password and click “Submit.”

  5. Finally, click the down arrow next to the download option and select “Save to Google Drive” to save the file back to Drive without a password.

This method also works on mobile devices.

Removing Password from PDF Files on Android and iOS

While Small PDF is available as an app on Android and iOS platforms, it does not support PDF unlocking in its mobile version. However, an alternative app called I Love PDF can be used.

  1. Install the I Love PDF app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and open it. Tap on the “Unlock” option at the bottom left corner.

  2. Choose the PDF file from local storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Select the file and click “UNLOCK PDF.”

  3. Once imported, select the PDF and click “Unlock PDF.” You will be prompted to enter the password. After entering the password, the PDF will be saved without the password in the iLovePDF > Output folder on your device.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat users can remove passwords from PDFs without relying on other services. This method works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms (no Linux version available).

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Choose “Tools > Protect > Encrypt > Remove Security” from the top left corner.

  2. Enter the password to open the PDF file.

  3. Press “Ctrl+S” or “command+S” to save the PDF without a password.

Wrap up: Removing Password from PDF

All the tools mentioned here, except for Google Chrome, can also be used to add passwords to PDF files. If you decide to add a password, make sure to choose a strong one that is difficult to crack. It’s also important to keep a record of the password in a secure location to avoid forgetting it.

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