5 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Stop Videos from Auto Playing

Have you ever been startled by a sudden blast of sound from an auto-playing video when you open a link in a new tab? It’s not only annoying, but it can also disrupt your browsing experience. Unfortunately, more and more websites are choosing to autoplay their videos as soon as you open their page, including video ads. Whether it’s for exposure or views, this can be quite frustrating. Luckily, there are several Google Chrome extensions that can help you block videos from playing automatically.

Why Use Extensions?

While Chrome does have an option to mute auto-playing videos, it only works on a site-by-site basis. If you spend a lot of time reading various websites, it’s more convenient to use an extension that can stop all videos from auto-playing at once. Extensions provide a simpler and more efficient way to control your browsing experience.

1. AutoplayStopper

AutoplayStopper is a lightweight extension that instantly blocks auto-playing videos. With over 6000 users, it’s relatively new but effective. Once you install the extension, it starts blocking video autoplay without any configuration required. The extension icon displays the number of auto-plays blocked.

You can also choose to allow autoplay for specific sites temporarily or permanently by setting up exceptions. Just click on the extension icon and select either “Allow autoplay for” or “Allow session autoplay for.” To add or remove exceptions, go to the settings panel in the extension options. The settings panel also allows you to add user scripts directly from the Chrome dev tools panel.

If you prefer a simple application with straightforward settings, give AutoplayStopper a try.


2. Video Autoplay Blocker

Video Autoplay Blocker is a straightforward extension that blocks any auto-playing videos, regardless of whether the tab is in focus or not. When a video is blocked, the extension displays a clear message on a red background, instructing you to click on the video to play it.

Unlike AutoplayStopper, this extension doesn’t offer any configuration options. It simply does its job without any additional settings. However, if you need to allow autoplay on certain sites, you’ll have to manually disable the extension from the Chrome extensions page.

Video Autoplay Blocker

3. HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker

HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker is designed specifically to block HTML5 videos. As Chrome already restricts Flash by default, and most websites have switched to HTML5, this extension is quite useful. It blocks auto-playing videos by default without any configuration.

When a video is blocked, the extension adds a color background to block the video thumbnail or image. To play the video, simply click anywhere inside the player. The extension offers an options panel where you can whitelist sites you want to autoplay videos. By default, YouTube, Vimeo, and Netflix are whitelisted. You can also customize the background color and transparency in the options panel.

Give HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker a try and see if it meets your needs.

HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker

4. Video Blocker

Video Blocker does exactly what its name suggests: it blocks auto-playing videos. Like other extensions, it requires no configuration and has no separate options panel. You have the option to disable the extension or whitelist the current website you are visiting.

To whitelist a website, simply navigate to the tab where the video is blocked, click on the extension, and select “Allow videos on.” To block the video again, select “Block video on.” YouTube is whitelisted by default. When a video is blocked, the extension displays its logo with a black border. Clicking on the logo allows you to play the video.

While the user interface may not be the most impressive, Video Blocker gets the job done effectively.

Video Blocker by plowman

5. Stop Autoplay for YouTube

If you’re a heavy YouTube user and want to specifically block YouTube videos from auto-playing, Stop Autoplay for YouTube is the perfect extension for you. It’s simple and straightforward, without any options or settings. Install the extension and enjoy interruption-free browsing on YouTube.

Stop Autoplay for Youtube™

These five Google Chrome extensions provide effective solutions to stop videos from auto-playing. Try them out and see which one works best for you. If you know of any other great extensions that block video auto-play, feel free to share them in the comments.

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