How to Discover Hidden Apps on Samsung Galaxy Phones

So you recently gave your kid a new phone and want to check the apps they’re using to ensure their safety? While it’s important to respect privacy, there may be valid reasons for wanting to find hidden apps on a Samsung Galaxy Phone. Let’s explore some methods to uncover these hidden apps.

Why Check for Hidden Apps on a Phone

There can be many reasons why someone might want to check a person’s phone for hidden apps, such as:

  • Concern for Safety: You want to ensure your friends or family members are not involved in potentially harmful activities or relationships.
  • Parental Monitoring: You may want to monitor your children’s phone usage to ensure they are not accessing inappropriate content or engaging in risky behavior.
  • Trust Issues: If there’s a trust issue in your relationship, you might be tempted to check for secret apps on your partner’s phone to address your suspicions.
  • Security Concerns: If you’re a high-profile individual or someone concerned about the security of your phone, you may want to ensure that no disguised apps are installed without your knowledge.

1. Find Hidden Apps From Home Screen Settings

One of the easiest ways to find hidden apps on a phone is through the home screen settings. Here’s how to check it:

  1. Go to Settings > Home Screen and then tap Hide apps on Home and Apps screens option.
  2. If the person has hidden any apps, you will see all of them at the top of the screen under the Hidden apps category. To unhide them, tap on the – (minus) icon on the top of the app, and then tap the Done button.
  3. The apps are now visible in the App Drawer. After using the app, remember to hide them again to ensure privacy.

2. Finding Hidden Apps From Settings App

Some Android users set 3rd-party launchers on their devices to hide apps. Since various launchers have different settings for hiding apps, it can be challenging to locate them. Here’s how to find hidden apps using Samsung’s Settings App:

  1. Open the Android Settings and navigate to the Apps section to view all the apps installed on the Samsung phone.
  2. Touch and hold an empty space on the home screen, then go to the Launcher’s Settings.
  3. Now, go to Home screen > Hidden apps. Note that settings may vary depending on the launcher.
  4. On the following screen, you will find the hidden apps. Tap the Unhide button and then hit Hide apps.

3. Look for Hidden Apps in the Secure Folder

If you suspect your child is using hidden apps, check the Secure Folder on the Samsung phone. This app allows users to hide files, media, and even apps. Here’s how:

  1. Find the Secure Folder in the App Drawer. If you can’t find it, the user has hidden the app.
  2. Enter the PIN code to unlock the app.
  3. You can now view all the hidden apps inside a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Remember to respect privacy and have open communication with your loved ones. It’s important to have trust and establish boundaries when monitoring phone usage.