Google Chrome Rolls Out Enhanced Security and Performance Upgrades

Google has added new features to its Chrome web browser. The new features help keep users safe online. And they help Chrome run faster.

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Safety Check Updates

Safety Check Updates
Safety Check Updates

The first new feature is an improved Safety Check. Safety Check is a tool in Chrome.

  1. Checking for problems that could put users at risk
  2. Looking for passwords that hackers may have stolen
  3. Finding add-ons that might harm your computer
  4. Telling you if your Chrome browser is out of date.

Now Safety Check runs automatically. It checks those things in the background. If it finds a problem, it tells you. It pops up a warning in your browser. The warning appears in the 3-dot menu at the top of Chrome.

Safety Check now also checks site permissions. It looks at sites you have not visited in a long time. It takes away permissions from sites you don’t use much.

For example, it might revoke access to your location or microphone. This adds an extra layer of safety.

Smarter performance controls

Smarter performance controls
Smarter performance controls

Another new feature is Smarter performance controls. Last year Google added a Memory Saver mode. It helps Chrome run more smoothly.

Now Google has improved Memory Saver. When you hover over a tab, it shows details.

For example, it shows how much memory that tab is using. And it shows how much memory could be saved by making the tab inactive.

There is also an easier way to pick sites that should stay active. To use Memory Saver, go to Chrome’s settings. Click on Performance. Then turn on Memory Saver.

Tab groups

Save tab groups
Save tab groups

Finally, Google added the ability to save tab groups. Tab groups help organize your browser tabs.

Now you can save tab groups to access later. You can access them on other devices too. So you can easily pick up browsing projects where you left off.

Google says it will add more artificial intelligence features to Chrome next year. The AI features will make Chrome smarter and more helpful.

So in summary, Google has rolled out new tools in Chrome. The tools boost safety, speed, and organization. They help protect users online. And they streamline the browsing experience. Google will continue improving Chrome with AI in 2024.

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