Google Chrome Gets Major Upgrade on Android Tablets

Google has announced a big change coming to its Chrome web browser when used on Android tablets. Starting now, Chrome will automatically switch to desktop mode on high-end Android tablets.

mobile vs desktop version. Source: Chrome
mobile vs desktop version. Source: Chrome

This overhaul aims to improve the browsing experience on tablets like the Google Pixel Tablet. It should make web pages display properly on larger tablet screens instead of using stretched-out phone layouts.

The upgrade kicks in on Android tablets with at least 10-inch screens and 8GB of RAM (Find all in Tablet Comparison Page). Chrome labels these as “premium tablets.”

When users visit websites on qualifying tablets, Chrome will now send a desktop user agent string instead of a mobile one.

Many sites detect user agent strings to determine whether to show phone or desktop pages. Sending a desktop user string prompts sites to display desktop layouts suited to large screens. It also removes the default 980-pixel mobile viewport limit.

Google hopes the change will stop tablet users from seeing sites meant for phones. The company admits mobile sites often fail to take full advantage of tablets’ screen real estate and processing power. The desktop experience should improve this.

Request desktop view. Source: Chrome
Request desktop view. Source: Chrome

Developers still have control over what versions of sites get shown. Users can still toggle manual desktop/mobile mode switching as before too. But desktop mode will become the out-of-the-box default on high-end tablets going forward.

The upgrade brings Chrome on Android tablets closer in line with Safari’s behavior on iPads since 2019. It aims to provide a better experience across the growing top-tier tablet market.

Developers should check their sites work properly in desktop mode on touch devices. Reliance on user agent strings to detect Android devices may also need reworking. But overall, the change should give Android tablet users a better web experience.

Test sites to ensure full desktop site compatibility on tablets before rollout. I will give you a guide below. Desktop mode improves the experience on premium tablets but may cause issues on less powerful ones.

Switch to Desktop Mode by Default on Android Tablets

Changing Default Settings:

  1. Open Chrome on your Android device.
  2. Tap the three-dot icon on the right and select “Settings
  3. Scroll down to “Advanced” and tap on “Site settings
  4. Enable “Desktop site

Customizing Settings for Specific Sites

  1. Open Chrome Settings.
  2. Scroll down to “Advanced” and select “Site settings
  3. Tap on “Desktop site
  5. Enter the site's URL.

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– Tow Bowen