First Came Google Kevin Now Google Poppy, With Kaby Lake CPU

On November 9 last year, a stealthy device called Google Kevin was leaked for the first time, with what would be slightly above entry level specs and performance if it had been a tablet.

Since then, the hexa-core Google Kevin have been benchmark tested regularly, achieving single-core scores of around 1200, and multi-core scores of just over 1900 in Geekbench 4.

But during the night, a Google Poppy device with an Intel Core m3-7Y30 “Kaby Lake” processor have been benchmarked too for the first time. And with the Kaby Lake processor came 8GB of RAM as well. So a Google Poppy device may be in the works, and it would be a much more powerful than usual Android/Chrome device than we have been accustomed to.

Google Poppy
Google Poppy

– Tom Bowen