Foldable Tablets And Displays On Show From Samsung And Oppo

Both Samsung and Oppo have gained some attention for foldable tablet displays over the last 24 hours.

Samsung have showcased a display using a flexible AMOLED display, which actually rolls up. Although this won't necessarily translate to tablet computers on a roll. Although you can get foldable keyboards on a roll.

Samsung have a few patents on flexible displays, and have been rumored to work on foldable tablets and smartphones for the last two years.

Samsung Holds Off Flexible Tablet Displays Past 2015

Popular Chinese mobile manufacturer Oppo meanwhile have demonstrated a 7-inch tablet with a foldable display that folds in the middle, the first publicly showcased prototype yet to demonstrate the use of a bendable display on a tablet.

No tablet brands have announced any actual plans to manufacture foldable tablets though, and there have been no leaks for specific models either.

The only tablet brand that have manufactured a foldable tablet so far has been Sony, with their Sony Tablet P, released in 2011, but as we can see from the image below, it was basically just a tablet with two separate screens.

Sony Tablet P
Sony Tablet P

– Tom Bowen