Foldable Samsung Tablet + Phone To Launch In 2017 Says New Leaks

We have been covering the prospects of bendable phones or foldable tablets and smartphones for years, and during the last 6 months, there appears to have been an acceleration in developments.

Two bendable / foldable Samsung tablets or phones are now rumore/leaked to be in development, with a possible launch in 2017, which is a date in accordance with the previous rumors.

One foldable Samsung tablet or phone is rumored to be a 8-inch tablet that can be folded into a 5-inch phone. One alleged Samsung source or supply chain source has said to that Samsung's foldable tablets and phones, known under the codename “Project Valley” might be launched at the Mobile World Congress in February 2017.

Samsung foldable tablet display OLED technology Youm
Samsung foldable tablet display OLED technology Youm

There isn't really much new in any of these leaks. Samsung showed off foldable tablet prototypes in both 2013 and 2014 behind closed doors, and it has been known for years that Samsung have used OLED displays on these foldable tablet prototypes. The actual display has for years been Samsung's flexible OLED display Youm. And it is known that Samsung has had the concept on the horizon since as far back as at least 2008. Previously Samsung have referred to these concepts as as “clamshell phones” but not foldable phones or foldable tablets.

And recently both Samsung and Oppo were shown with foldable displays, and in China, companies like Chongqing Graphene Tech Co are also working on foldable tablets/phones for launch within the next three quarters.

Samsung fleixible smartphone  display Youm
Samsung fleixible smartphone display Youm demonstrated by Samsung
Samsung foldable tablet
Early Samsung foldable tablet prototype

– Tom Bowen