Combined Foldable And Rollable TCL Tablet Phone At 10 Inches Showcased

TCL has been known to experiment with prototypes of various foldable phones and tablets for years, and in February they showcased devices such as scrolling 17-inch devices and tri-fold smartphones.

During the DTC 2021 tradeshow two weeks ago, TCL showcased a couple of different screen technologies for all types of use.

And now foldable tracker FoldUniverse has released a video snippet of a combined rollable and foldable tablet/smartphone from TCL that can extend to close to 10 inches.

In the brief video, you can see the display roll out by the internal motor, after the tablet has been folded out, or the opposite in reverse.

LG was the leader in the development of rollable devices, but rollable mobile devices have yet to be launched after LG scrapped its smartphone division altogether earlier this year. So that could leave the space open for TCL instead, although this device was just a demo of the potential so far.

– Tom Bowen