Cellular Tablet Activity Up 95% Year Over Year In The US

According to a press release from Connected Intelligence, it says that cellular tablet activity in the US have gone up 95% year over year.

This is based on a survey of 5000 people. The survey also says that it estimates some 116 million tablet computers to be in use and that around 16 million of these tablets were actively using a cellular data plan.

If the use of data plans have gone up year over year, then it’s not necessarily something new, since 1 in 10 tablets had cellular connectivity around 2011/2012. But, we did see a lot of different initiatives from cellular carriers in 2014 meant to drive tablet owners to use more data and sign up for new or extended data plans for their tablets, so as a trend at least, it’s probably true.

Cellular tablets

Some tablets are even sold with free data plans with no extra charge, like the Data Pass tablets from HP, for instance the 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet HP Stream 8 or the 10.1-inch Android tablet HP Slate 10 Plus.

Otherwise tablets with 3G or 4G connectivity tend to cost $100 extra just for the cellular modem itself. If we then also factor in the price of data plans, it’s no wonder why the cellular use of tablets isn’t any larger than it is.

– Tom Bowen

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