Black Surface Go 2 And International Surface Duo To Launch Alongside New Surface Pro And New Surface Laptop Says Latest Rumor

The dual-screen Surface Duo is rumored to released internationally soon and gain the color option of black at the same time, as an alternative to the white models that’s on the market today.

The rumor comes via leaker cozyplanes who at the same time mentions that the Surface Go 2 tablet will be offered in black when the new Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 will be launched in what is currently expected to be January 2021.

He also believes that the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 will be marketed as the New Surface Pro and New Surface Laptop from now on, following Apple’s lead.

The New Surface Pro and New Surface laptop were both pictured last week, and Cozyplanes too belives that AMD Ryzen Renoir chipsets will be offered as an option on the New Surface Laptop.

It was rumored back in June last year that Microsoft was experimenting with AMD processors, even in a Surface Pro, so the prospects of an AMD processor as an option in a Surface computer has been expected for a while.

– Tom Bowen

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