Apple Adjusts GPU Specs on M2 iPad Air: Now Sports 9 Cores Instead of 10

Apple Downgrades New M2 iPad Air

Apple recently quietly updated the technical specifications of the M2 iPad Air, which was initially released last month. Originally, the iPad Air's M2 chip was described as having a 10-core GPU, but now, Apple states it includes a 9-core GPU.

The change was made without any public announcement or press release, which is unusual for Apple, a company known for its detailed and transparent product descriptions at launch.

This silent update has left many users and tech analysts puzzled, leading to speculation about the reasons behind the modification of the GPU core count. It raises questions about whether there were initial production issues or last-minute hardware optimizations that were not disclosed.

Apple Downgrades New M2 iPad Air (2)

Apple has not provided any details about this adjustment. The company only updated the tech specs page for the M2 iPad Air, indicating the removal of one GPU core. According to archived data, this update occurred within the past 10 days.

The initial press release for the M2 iPad Air launch still mentions it has a 10-core GPU. A support page also says the same but hasn't been updated yet. Apple's tech specs pages in countries other than the United States have not been updated either.

This change is peculiar for several reasons. It suggests a communication mix-up within Apple, with some individuals mistakenly thinking the new M2 iPad Air had a 10-core GPU, whereas it actually has a 9-core GPU. It is also odd that this change has not been uniformly applied across all of Apple’s websites.

Most users of the M2 iPad Air likely won’t notice the difference between a 9-core and a 10-core GPU. However, an explanation from Apple about this change would still be appreciated.