Amazon Fire Unveils Eye Gaze on Fire Max 11 Tablet in the UK

Amazon recently launched a new feature for its Fire tablets called Eye Gaze. This allows tablet owners to control their device completely hands-free, using only their eyes. The feature is now available for free on the Fire Max 11 tablet in the UK.

Eye Gaze gives people with disabilities more independence. It also helps caregivers customize tablets to match their user's needs. To activate it, go into Settings and turn on Eye Gaze under the Alexa menu.

Eye Gaze
Eye Gaze

To set up Eye Gaze, go into Settings and turn it on under the Alexa menu. Then complete a one-minute calibration session that trains the tablet's camera to accurately track eye movements. Face the tablet camera from 1.5-2 feet away and remain still, following dots with your eyes and avoiding blinks.

Once set up, Eye Gaze lets you navigate pages just by looking at arrows in the corners. Stare at an icon to select it. The cursor changes color to confirm choices. This allows activities like playing music and controlling smart home devices hands-free.

The feature addresses a major need. Research by Amazon found over 75% of adults with disabilities use tech to help complete everyday tasks. Eye Gaze removes barriers to let more people benefit from tablets.

To exit Eye Gaze, open Alexa settings and toggle the feature off. Users can also recalibrate anytime performance seems off. The dwell time setting lets people adjust how long eye contact selects items.

Overall, the new Eye Gaze capability expands Amazon's accessibility features. It empowers mobility-impaired users with more control and independence. The free addition makes Fire tablets more versatile and usable for all.

– Tom Bowen