Samsung SmartThings Station In Store – Samsung’s Newest Central Smart Device Hub

Samsung announced the Samsung announced the Samsung SmartThings Station at CES two weeks ago, and while it's not going to launch before February, it's already in store:

This device should not be confused with the SmartThings Hub that the company launched few years ago. Though the intentions are kind of the same.

The Samsung SmartThings Station is intended to try and merge all smart devices – tablets, smartphones, doorbells, TV's, refrigerators, smart watches, audio systems, light bulbs, and other wirelessly connected devices into on hub more easily, and like the most modern of these hubs/stations, it's built to try and learn from the users behavior and anticipate what adjustments and settings want in the devices connected through the Smart Station.

Samsung SmartThings Station

That doesn't really sound all that new though, so what remains to be seen is if Samsung has made a more functional smart device connector than all the others before it.

Samsung have added a 15W wireless charger though, so that's one novelty over other smart device hubs.

– Tom Bowen