Amazon’s Fire Tablets On Sale Today With Up To $60 Off

If you've been waiting since Christmas for Amazon's tablets to go one sale again, all but one of the Fire are on sale for the holiday today:

Right now the Fire HD 8 costs $59, the 10.1-inch Full HD tablet costs $85, with an additional $20 for the Plus models with more RAM and wireless charging.

The children's tablet computers from Amazon are also on sale for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with the Fire Kids for the youngest children being $40 to $60 off, and the Fire Kids Pro for older kids being $50 to $60 off.

Amazon Fire Sale - 2023
The only one of Amazon's own tablets to not go on sale is the 7-inch Fire 7, probably because it's too new. The price is nevertheless $59, or the same as the 8-inch Fire HD is on sale today.

In addition to these standalone offers, there's also bundled versions of these tablets for sale, if that's what you're looking for, like with a gaming controller, a keyboard, or an Office package.

– Jim Miller