2 Ways to Restart or Reboot Your Samsung TV

Is your Samsung TV frozen or experiencing choppy performance? Restarting your TV can often solve these issues. However, simply turning it off and on won't always do the trick. In this article, we will explain two different ways to restart your Samsung TV, each with its own use case.

Restart the TV From the Remote Control

One of the easiest ways to restart your Samsung TV without leaving your sofa is by using the remote control. Simply press and hold the Power button until your TV turns off and then back on automatically. It's as easy as that!

Restart the TV From the Remote Control

TIP: New to Samsung Smart TV? Understand each button's purpose.

Reboot the TV by Unplugging It

If the Power button is not functioning properly or you're unable to restart your TV using the remote, you can do so by unplugging the power cord. Make sure to leave it unplugged for at least 30 to 60 seconds to drain the remaining charge. This can often resolve any software issues or performance problems.

Reboot Samsung TV by Unplugging It


1. Why might I need to restart my Samsung TV?

There are several reasons why you might need to restart your Samsung TV, such as software issues, slow performance, frozen screen, network issues, or general troubleshooting.

2. How to restart a Samsung TV from your phone?

While you can use your phone to turn on and off the Samsung Smart TV, restarting it is not possible through the phone. If you're interested in learning how to control your Samsung Smart TV from your iPhone or Android phone, you can refer to our guide on this topic.

3. Can I restart my Samsung TV using Voice Assistant?

Unfortunately, the voice assistant on your Samsung TV only allows you to power off the TV. Restarting it is not within its capabilities. If you request the voice assistant (Bixby or Alexa) to restart the TV, it will display a message stating, “TV doesn't support that.”

4. Is there a difference between restarting and resetting a Samsung TV?

Yes, when you restart the TV, it refreshes the system and improves overall performance. On the other hand, resetting will result in the loss of all login information and downloaded apps, and the system will be reverted to default settings.

Give Your Samsung TV a Fresh Start

Whether it's a TV, phone, computer, or any other electronic device, restarting has consistently proven to be the most effective way to solve common problems. If you're currently experiencing issues with your Samsung TV, a simple reboot might help resolve them. In case your Samsung TV volume isn't working, follow our simple guide to fix it.