ZTE Announces Unveiling For April 12

ZTE announced today that they will hold a spring conference on April 12, where in addition to some presentations about the digital future and ZTE's ecosystem, ZTE will also do a product launch.

And on that note they released what was originally a very shadowy a teaser poster (which we improved upon for more detail), which shows two tablets and a smartphone.

One of the tablets is clearly the 3D tablet ZTE Nubia Pad that is in the process of being launched these days.

The other tablet which is shown with a keyboard in the teaser image, is unknown.

As for the smartphone, ZTE has won certification approvals for a number of devices the last few months, but it may be the ZTE Axon 50 Ultra, which is the successor to the 6.8-inch OLED phone ZTE Axon 40 Ultra which also has triple rear cameras, just like the one in the teaser image.

– Tom Bowen