Xiaomi Mi Air 4G Notebook Announce Today With Free Data Plans

5 months after Xiaomi unveiled the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Windows 10 laptops, they added the Xiaomi Mi Air 4G Notebook Laptops today with 4G LTE and also 4GB of free data included every month, with a total of 48GB of free data a year, or at least for the first 12 months.

The 12.5-inch model will be sold for $676 or 4699 Yuan, while the 13.3-inch model will be sold for $1000 or 6999 Yuan.

Xiaomi co-founder Liu De said to China Daily that while Wi-Fi may be sufficient in the cities, university graduates and civil servants may need someting more secure and something that will also work while they are on the countryside.

Analysts have added that Xiaomi is likely to lose its edge on pricing with these New models, although to be fair I think Xiaomi lost that edge on price already with the Wi-Fi versions of the Xiaomi Mi Air Notebooks.

Most of the other Xiaomi products are still cheap though, and a lot of Xiaomi’s gear offers really good value for Money while also offering a good build quality.

– Jim Miller

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