Xiaomi Foldable “Cetus” With 108MP Camera Revealed By Software

It's no secret that Xiaomi has been testing the concept of foldables. Xiaomi president Lin Bin even demonstrated the first prototype of a Xiaomi foldable back in January 2019, when he said that Xiaomi was only interested in developing a foldable if it could be done without material issues.

He then asked the public for feedback so that Xiaomi would learn more about what users would want from a Xiaomi foldable.

But now XDA have looked at the MIUI 12 OS code, in which they've found the first evidence of technical support for a Xiaomi foldable. What's revealed is that it's codenamed “Cetus” and that it's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and a 108MP main camera.

Foldable Xiaomi
The first foldable Xiaomi prototype

The software code only specifies support for such a device, but doesn't actually guarantee that a foldable Xiaomi Cetus will make it to production. So we'll need more leaks before it's safe to assume that a Xiaomi foldable will be launched in 2021.

– Jim Miller