Apple Rumored To Introduce Wireless Charging On 2022 iPad Pros

The rumors for the 2022 iPad Pros are starting to hit the web, and now some new specs that we already have on other tablets are said to find its way to next years iPad Pros.

According to the rumor reprinted by , Apple may decide to introduce wireless charging on the Pro tablets, something Amazon already have on tablets like the recently launched Fire HD 10 Plus or the Fire HD 8 Plus.

Huawei also introduced another tablet PC with wireless charging capabilities with reverse charging this week as well, so this is a trend that Apple will have to jump onboard with eventually anyway.

And let's not forget that Apple have 14 iPhone models on the market that supports wireless charging already.

So because of the rumor of wireless charging, tablets with a back made of glass may also make a return, as Apple is also rumored to test whether they should replace the aluminum back or not with glass instead.

– Tom Bowen