Wi-Fi6E Router TP-Link EAP690E For Up To 2000 Users Release May 15

The high-end Wi-Fi router company TP-Link has announced the EAP690E, a Wi-Fi6E router for very dense user environments, with release on May 15:

Tablet owners both need and love fast, powerful, long-range Wi-Fi routers who's signals can penetrate walls, floors, and ceilings, so that the tablet can be connected to the internet at all times.

The TP-Link EAP690E (Omada AXE11000) has a launch price of $499, but then again it's a little different. For starters, this quad-band Wi-Fi router is powerful and advanced enough to be able to serve 2000 devices.

It's also an out-of-the-way router that's mean to be attached to the wall or ceiling and operated by either the remote or app.

The signal rate is up to 4x 1201 Mbps at 6 GHz, and as a Wi-Fi 6E router for lots of users, it has all kinds of band steering, load balance, rate limits, automatic channel assignments and so on.

– Tom Bowen