Washable Waterproof Tablet Keyboards Coming In 2022

Since we are just a few weeks away from both 2022 as well as from the CES 2022 tech show in Las Vegas, we are starting to get info about devices that will premiere in January 2022 one way or the other, either as a teaser or as a product launch.

Among other computer products is the introduction of a dustproof, waterproof washable keyboard for tablets from Primax Electronics, who will unveil this keyboard you see in the photo here at CES 2022.

It's made as a keyboard that can be washed with regular soapy water, and as such will be chemical resistant too. And similar to Acer with the Aspire Vero, Primax is also following the trend of not using additional paint or printing on the keyboard, in order to cut down its environmental impact.

We already have a few spill resistant keyboards, but fully waterproof keyboards have generally been absent from the consumer market for tablets. Waterproof tablets are also still rare. Sony and Huawei used to make waterproof tablet computers, but these days the closes we get to waterproof tablets are water resistant tablets in the rugged tablet category, with tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 being the most normal looking one.

But we do have waterproof e-readers, which were introduced by Amazon in 2017 and now includes both the Kindle Oasis and the Kindle Paperwhite.

– Jim Miller