Wacom Cuts Prices Of 22-Inch And 27-Inch Graphics Tablets By $100 – $400 Ahead Of 4K Launch In 2018

With the coming 2018 launch of Wacom's large new 24-inch and 32-inch Wacom Cintiq Pro, they have officially cut the MSRP prices on some of their graphics tablets.

The price cut is global, with $100 USD / € 100 EUR / £ 100 GBP off the Cintiq 22HD Pen Display, and 400 USD / € 450 EUR / £ 350 GBP off both the Cintiq 27HD Pen Display and the Cintiq 27HD Pen & Touch Display.

The latest 13-inch and 16-inch Cintiq Pro models meanwhile, will keep their prices for the time being.

As for the Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 and 32-inch models that will be launched next year, Wacom will start teasing these devices over the coming months before they launch them around January 2018, with 4k displays with a billion colors and what is strived for as the maximum color accuracy possible to achieve. These Cintiq Pro models will be amazing, but will cost from $2000 to around $3500.

– Jim Miller