Use These Apps To Simplify Android for Seniors

Modern smartphones can be daunting for senior citizens. But simply increasing font size or reducing the number of apps won't make the smartphone smart enough. The solution lies in installing apps specifically designed for older users. Let's explore these apps that can make Android more accessible for seniors.

Big Launcher: Simplify Your Smartphone

Big Launcher is a great starting point for seniors. This app transforms the layout of your smartphone into a minimalistic one, featuring only six essential blocks on the home screen: phone, SMS, camera, gallery, SOS, and all apps. The top of the screen displays the time, date, and battery level in a large font.

To set it up, install the app, grant the necessary permissions, and then set Big Launcher as your default launcher. While the free version has some limitations, such as a reminder to buy the full version, you can unlock additional features by purchasing the pro version for $10.

Install Big Launcher

Big Buttons Keyboard: Typing Made Easier

The default Android keyboard may not be suitable for seniors with poor vision and limited finger mobility. Big Buttons Keyboard solves this problem by replacing tiny keyboard buttons with larger ones, making typing more comfortable.

To use this app, download and install it from the Play Store, set it as your default keyboard, and follow the on-screen instructions. Although the app uses a custom layout instead of the standard QWERTY format, it optimizes screen space and offers the largest possible keys. Big Buttons Keyboard is available for free on the Play Store.

Install Big Buttons Keyboard

EVA Facial Mouse: Control Android with Your Face

EVA Facial Mouse allows users to control their Android device by tracking their face using the front camera. This app works surprisingly well and requires a few accessibility permissions during setup. With EVA Facial Mouse, users can perform basic tasks like opening web pages, sending messages, and making calls.

The app provides a tutorial to guide users through the gestures and head movements needed to navigate the screen. On-screen buttons are also available for special functions, including hardware buttons like Home and Back. This app is especially useful for individuals with limited mobility, helping them use their smartphones more effectively. EVA Facial Mouse is free to download from the Play Store.

Install EVA Facial Mouse

AnyDesk: Remote Assistance Made Easy

When seniors need help with their smartphones, it's often easier to show them directly on the screen rather than explaining over a phone call. AnyDesk allows you to control an Android device from another Android device, making remote assistance simple.

To get started, install the AnyDesk Remote Control app on both your device and your parent's device. Configuration steps will vary for each device. For detailed instructions, refer to our article on how to use AnyDesk.

Install AnyDesk

Find My Device: Ensure Safety and Security

If you're concerned about your parent's safety when they're alone, installing a location tracker app on their smartphone can bring peace of mind. Find My Device is a pre-installed app on most Android devices, but if it's not available, you can easily download it from the Play Store.

With Find My Device, you can track the exact GPS location of the device as long as it has an active internet connection and GPS is turned on. Simply turn on Find My Device in your device's settings and log in with the same Google Account on the Find My Device website to track the location. For additional features, Cerberus is a paid app that offers comprehensive remote tracking capabilities.

Install Find My Device

These are just a few of the best Android apps for senior citizens. Another useful app offered by Google is Trusted Contacts. It allows you to share your location and sends an automatic notification if you don't respond within five minutes, indicating that you may be in trouble.

Remember, technology should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age. These apps can help seniors enjoy the benefits of smartphones without feeling overwhelmed.