Update To Original Nvidia Shield Tablet Breaks Wi-Fi

Nvidia rolled out the Android 6.0 update to the original Nvidia Shield Tablet 48 hours ago, but since then, the OTA 4.0 update which includes Android 6.0 has had the unfortunate effect of breaking the Wi-Fi connection on some, but not all Nvidia Shield Tablets.

The problem does not affect the re-launched Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 however. That tablet has gotten the Android 6.0 update already.

Since having a fully functional Wi-Fi is essential for all updates of the tablet, Nvidia has temporarily turned off the official Android 6.0 OTA 4.0 update for this tablet, until they have figured out how if can be fixed.

A Nvidia customer representative have posted an official note on the Geforce user forum, informing owners of the current status.

Nvidia Shield Tablet Wi-Fi off

– Jim Miller