Unscreen: The Free AI Tool That Revolutionizes Background Removal from Videos

Unscreen, a new and innovative online tool, has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of video editing. Developed by the same team behind the highly popular remove.bg, Unscreen utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to automatically remove backgrounds from your videos. Whether you’re a content creator, a social media enthusiast, or simply someone looking to enhance their videos, Unscreen offers a simple and effective solution.

Removing Backgrounds Made Easy

Similar to remove.bg, Unscreen excels at removing the edges of distinct subjects, providing clean and professional-looking results. Powered by the advanced AI-background removal tool Kaleido, Unscreen gives you the option to either upload your own videos or search for videos from Giphy. After processing, the tool also offers a variety of solid color backdrops and images that you can attach to your video.

The Catch: Video Limitations and Watermark

One drawback of Unscreen, for now, is the video limit and the presence of a watermark. Currently, the tool can only handle 5-second videos, even if you upload a longer video. Additionally, the output format is limited to GIF or PNG for images, which can be quite limiting. However, Unscreen promises to introduce an Unscreen Pro subscription model in the near future, which will eliminate these limitations. You can subscribe to stay updated on the latest developments.

Impressive Results and Potential

We put Unscreen to the test by trying out various videos on the platform. Starting with a green-screen video featuring Shia LaBeouf, Unscreen performed admirably, especially when dealing with a solid color background. Although there were some minor issues at the edges and a black spot at the beginning, it was on par with other green-screen removal tools.

Next, we tested Unscreen with one of our own videos that had a more complex background. The tool successfully detected the foreground subject, in this case, Kaushal, and even incorporated a part of the 3D printer in focus into the foreground. This minor issue can be easily resolved using video editing software like Final Cut Pro.

Unscreen’s AI algorithms seem to excel at distinguishing between the foreground and background based on what is in focus. We further tested the tool with a video featuring a flat background and greater head movement. The results were surprising – the engine quickly detected the moving subject and accurately determined its edges, although the cut was not perfect.

To challenge the tool, we even tried a short GIF of a cat. While the results were not flawless, they were good enough to add a fancy background and share it on Instagram.

The Path to Improvement

Although Unscreen is not without its limitations, it shows promise for the future. Currently, its main application lies in creating amusing GIFs for social media platforms like Instagram. However, like any AI tool, Unscreen will continue to learn and improve over time. It still has some ground to cover before it reaches the heights of remove.bg, but the potential is evident. It is truly remarkable to witness AI technology being incorporated into consumer tools such as image removal and video editing.

Privacy and Security

Unscreen assures users that their videos are not stored on their servers. Once the processing is complete, the video footage is immediately deleted. Furthermore, Unscreen does not share videos with third-party apps or publish them on any other sources. The platform only collects usage statistics, such as IP addresses and date-time stamps, for the purpose of improving the tool.

Unscreen is a significant step forward in the world of video editing. With its AI-powered background removal capabilities, it opens up new possibilities for content creators and video enthusiasts alike. While it may still have room for improvement, Unscreen is undoubtedly a tool worth exploring. Give it a try and unlock your video editing potential.

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